Protect the 3 P's

With cold weather ahead for the Gulf Coast, we want to remind everyone to protect the 3 P's: your pipes, plants, and pets! Here are some helpful tips we've put together to keep your precious P's warm and protected. 

Tips for protecting your PIPES:
- Let your indoor faucets drip. 
- Drain water sprinkler supply lines and hoses. 
- Insulate your outdoor water meter box and be sure the lid is on tight.
- Protect your outdoor electric pumps and pipes. We recommend using an old towel or tshirt, secured with duct tape, twine, or rope. 
- Cover any vents around your home's foundation. 

Tips for protecting your PLANTS:
- Bring potted plants inside or store them in a garage to provide extra warmth and protection. 
- Water your plants before the freeze hits to keep them from going into stress. 
- If you have outdoor plants that are especially cold-sensitive, you may want to lay down extra mulch or cover them with a fabric cloth to shield them from the wind and frost. Beware of using plastic; you don't want to bake your plants the next day!
- Consider hanging outdoor (non-LED) Christmas lights around cold-sensitive plants. They give off just enough warmth to keep most plants safe. 

Tips for protecting your PETS:
- Provide proper shelter by bringing small animals (dogs, cats, etc.) inside! 
- Protect larger animals with blankets and extra straw. 
- Never leave your pet in a car. They are ovens in the summer and freezers in the winter. They are in more danger in a locked car than outside on their own!
- Bring your cat inside on cold nights. In addition to the danger of freezing, cats tend to sleep under the hoods of cars to stay warm, which is a very dangerous place to be when the motor is started up! If you know of outdoor cats living in your area, give them a chance in the cold months by banging on your hood before starting your engine. 
- Keep your driveway and garage clean and free of anti-freeze drips. Dogs and cats are attracted to the sweet taste and a tiny lick can kill them. 

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